3. Mt Macedon Ale

Posted: April 15, 2009 in Australian ales, Tough label, Uncategorized
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Mt Macedon Ale - HolgateMt Macedon Ale
Australian flag - small 

Company info:
Holgate Brewhouse

Bottle size sampled: 330 mL

Alcohol: 4.5%
Standard drinks: 1.2

Cap type: Non-twist

Label info:
TBC (I lost the bottle since my tasting): ‘Easy on the taste buds but offering great hop character, this beer matches well with Mediterranean style dishes.’

What the label really means:
No messing around on this label. What you get is what they say.

The Hell-Cat review starts here

Label: Excellent! This is how beer labels should be designed! 
The label depicts an angry bull peering out from amidst some wheat. It almost looks like an American college football’s mascot – except this bull is way cooler and would probably eat the head off one of those pansy creatures.

The word Holgate also reinforces the toughness of this label. Not only does it sound tough, it’s printed in an almost stencil-like font. This is exactly the sort of label I want to see on my beer – toughness personified! 

I give it a label rating of 9 out of 10.

AROMA: A beautiful honey aroma except it’s a friendlier than other honey type beers.

Taste: GLASS – Like no beer I have tasted before! It has a strong taste that wouldn’t be to everyone’s liking. The hops are the predominant taste – almost herby in their delivery. I really like it.

I give it a beer from glass rating of 7 out of 10.

Taste: BOTTLE – No discernible taste between bottle and glass but it does seem to go back easier in a bottle. The more of this I

Mt Macedon Ale - glass

 drank, the more I fell in love with a real beaut Aussie ale.

I give it a taste from bottle rating of 7.5 out of 10.

A word from the wife: ‘Tastes like a dark ale without being dark. Almost like a 50/50’.

She gave it a taste rating of 6 out of 10.

Accompanying food: I’m thinking something spicy like Mexican or chorizo. It would go great with a mezze platter of olives, prosciutto, and that sort of stuff.

Best season to appreciate: I feel this beer would really suit the warmer months. I can really picture myself sitting out in a beer garden on a warm summer evening drinking a few of these. I’m sure a sombrero would be involved at some point too (for sheer comedic value).

Time taken to finish bottle: 5 minutes. Went back way too easy!

All-nighter beer? For sure! I’d grab a case of this in a heart-beat.

NEXT WEEK: O’Brien Pale Ale (gluten free beer)

  1. BargeDave says:

    Yet again I agree with the review. As an Adelaide-based beer fan, I tend to find that most of the beers on this site are usually only found at Dan Murphy’s stores and not many other drive-throughs or bottle-o’s. There is a good range of boutique-label hoppy Australian pale ales (although they’re called pale, they can often be a good rich colour – strictly speaking, pale ales are anything paler than dark ales) on offer and it’s good fun (although a bit pricey) to buy half a dozen single bottles and compare them. The Holgate Mt Macedon is as good as any.


  2. Sniv Whettuce says:

    I took a sextet of Mt. Macedon ale along to an Alcoholic’s Unanimous meeting – a drinking club I’m a member of – last night with the intention of tasting it in a cultured quaffing environment. I’d forgotten that April is cheap muscat month. Consequently, I don’t remember a thing about the evening. I also don’t remember what happened to my trousers but when I regained consciousness this morning I had a sliver of denim stuck between my teeth and fifty dollars in my sock so I suspect I may have eaten them for a bet.


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