Company info:
Cerverceria Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma
Veracruz, MEXICO

[No website listed]

Bottle size sampled: 330 mL

Alcohol: 4.5%
Standard drinks: 1.2

Cap type: Non-twist

Cost: Donated beer

Label info: N/A

What the label really means: N/A

The Hell-Cat review starts here

Label: I like the look of this ‘print on the bottle’ label. It’s like a wood-cut print. There’s a cheeky sun with rays shooting out above him, while he looks out from behind a huge cloud. Sol is written in a cursive red script, off to the side. The label restricts itself to the colours red, white and gold, and to great effect. It’s simple, it’s effective, it’s bold and it’s traditional. I like it.

I give it a label rating of 7 out of 10.

AROMA: Sol has a wheaty, citrus infused aroma. Nice.

Taste: GLASS – A mild tasting lager that is very easy to drink with a refreshing citrus hint. It’s nice but a little watery, and nothing too exciting. Though, for my money this is a definite step up from one of Mexico’s other famous exports, Corona.

I give it a beer from glass rating of 6 out of 10.

Taste: BOTTLE – I can see why this beer is often served with a slice of lemon or lime… it needs the added punch. The zest from a citrus fruit would snap this beer awake. For me it works fine without the slice and is just as enjoyable as from a glass.

I give it a taste from bottle rating of 6 out of 10.

A word from the wife: “Light, zesty, easy to drink. Not bloaty…any lady would enjoy”

She gave it a taste rating of 8 out of 10.

Accompanying food: Olives, dalmades, artichokes, eggplant, and a selection of dips and Turkish breads. All Summer platters should be accompanied with a fine bottle of Sol.

Best season to appreciate: Definitely a warm weather brew. This is a beer designed for Summer nights by a pool, at the beach, or round the barbie.

All-nighter beer? Sol is so easy to drink, not overly carbonated, and goes back very easily. It’s not a beer I would go out of my way to track down, but it’s definitely a beer that would work as an all-nighter.

NEXT WEEK: Amsterdam Premium Lager

  1. Sniv Whettuce says:

    I’ve bought two Sols in this crazy ride that we call life but I only ever drank one of them. The first one I bought was in a strip club in Chihuahua, Mexico, seven years ago. The waitress opened it with her bottom and put a wedge of lime in the spout with her other bottom. The second was from my local Murphett’s this arvo. Unfortunately, I dropped it on the stroll home. Luckily, I have photographic tastebuds. Nine out of ten.


  2. luke says:

    Cantina from El Salvador is similar, but cheaper – and in my opinion a little better. Still needs the lemon or lime, though…


    • BargeDave says:

      I’ve had another El Salvadorian beer but I’m naffed if I can remember the brand. $20 for 21 330 ml cans and the lot disappeared on one particularly hot dry Adelaide afternoon. Beers from this region are largely similar but the key detail is that Corona is by no means the best – check them out, particularly when the weather or the food is hot.


  3. BargeDave says:

    On a really hot day it’s quite possible to drink this non-stop for 12 hours. If you haven’t tried Sol, I’ve always thought of it as Corona with a hint of honey. Mase is spot-on that it’s a better drink than its much more famous countryman, but that’s probably not saying a great deal. If you love a full-flavoured beer you’ll find it disappointing but it certainly quenches a thirst or puts out a mega-hot-Mexican-food mouth fire.


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