54. White Rabbit Dark Ale

Posted: May 12, 2010 in Australian ales
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White Rabbit Dark Ale
Australian flag - small

Company info:
White Rabbit Brewery
Healesville, V.I.C

[No website listed]

Bottle size sampled: 330 mL

Alcohol: 5.2%
Standard drinks: 1.4

Cap type: Non-twist

Cost: I picked this up for AU$3.99

Label info: ‘N/A’

What the label really means: N/A

The Hell-Cat review starts here

Label: I really like this label. It’s a paper label with a matte finish and this has sold me immediately. Combine that with the fact the label depicts a beautifully tranquil forest scene, and we have a real winner. There are grand old trees standing beside a bubbling brook, with inviting leafy surrounds on either side. Amidst all this greenery and serenity, you can just spot a tiny white rabbit, leading us to believe this beer is a real treasure to be found amidst a sea of beers currently on the market. Ahh the serenity.

I give it a label rating of 8 out of 10.

AROMA: A delicious malty aroma that is all together surprising, and enticing.

Taste: GLASS – This is probably the smoothest dark ale I have ever tasted. With a loving “I’m spending the night” back of mouth taste, the beer rolls around the mouth with the utmost of ease. A rich, malty, almost-burnt taste that conjures up an array of comforting emotions. Time for me to put on the slippers and sit back with the latest edition of “Homely Man” (and not its poor cousin, “Homey Man”).

I give it a beer from glass rating of 7.5 out of 10.

Taste: BOTTLE – Slightly watery and less flavoursome when consumed from the bottle, but it still packs a perky punch. Think of it as your hot water bottle springing a tiny leak at 3am – sure it’s still keeping you warm but gee that’s an annoying wet feeling tickling your toes.

I give it a taste from bottle rating of 7 out of 10.

A word from the wife: “Sweet, and tastes of berries”

She gave it a taste rating of 7 out of 10.

Accompanying food: Like a nice hearty tawny port, I’d like to sit back and drink a White Rabbit Dark Ale with a plate of select cheeses, crackers, and nuts. I feel the bitterness of a blue-vein cheese would really make this beer pop.

Best season to appreciate: Definitely a Winter warmer. This is one for beside the fire place. And possibly involving a dressing gown. [Ed: Your third reference to sleep-wear in this review…you must be tired] [MHC: Ed? Since when have I had an Ed working on this blog?] [Ed: Don’t you remember, Mason? You had a meeting with yourself and voted me in..] [MHC: Ok this is getting weird…I’m off to bed] [Ed: As predicted…] [MHC: Shuttup!]

All-nighter beer? Definitely for the first half of the evening I would be throwing these back with great frivolity. But as the night developed, I’d want to move to a lighter coloured beer.

NEXT WEEK: Menabrea Birra

  1. Jeremy says:

    I’ve come to love this beer.

    Has the White Rabbit Brewery been bought out by Little Creatures? I notice that ol’ Dan has it listed as Little Creatures White Rabbit Dark Ale.

    Bloody mouthful.


    • Mason Hell-Cat says:

      Wow – well spotted, man. I’m really not sure what the go is with this.
      Little Creatures don’t have it listed on their site as part of their range, yet they list that they have imported kegs of it for sale in their brew-house. Perhaps they are just fans?

      If Little Creatures or anyone with better research skills would like to clear the air here we’d really appreciate it.


  2. McLean not MacLean says:

    Like real-life rabbits, this beer seems to be multiplying across Australia. Bottles of it keep popping up everywhere I go at the moment. Last night, I even found it on tap at a pub in Darlinghurst, Sydney. I must say, this beer is very tasty from the bottle – but on tap it is absolutely sumptuous. A real cracker in my opinion. Nice investigative work Hellcat. You’ve stumbled upon another beauty.


  3. Mason Hell-Cat says:

    On a side note, I see that yesterday (the day before the White Rabbit review) I received a visitor to this very site originating from ‘intranet.independentbrewers.com’

    Curious! Could the site possibly be listed on someone’s intranet? Could the site be in danger of being overrun by wealthy independent brewers? Am I letting delusions of grandeur fill my day-dreams? Am I asking way too many silly questions? Find out the answers to these and more at my new blog ‘yeeshyoucanprattleonmason.com’.


    • BargeDave says:

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the entire brewing universe hangs out for Wednesdays as much as I do. The prospect of Mase giving their brewery’s beer label the thumbs-up and getting 9 out of 10 from Sniv is just too tantalising to ignore.


  4. Jansos says:

    I will have to give this one a try. the 330ml bottle appears to be getting around a bit lately. i cannot say i am a real big fan. its a bit small. i do like the 500ml bottles that a lot of the russian and baltic beers come in.


    • Mason Hell-Cat says:

      You mean like last week’s beer Jansos? Totally agree. 330mls just isn’t big enough.
      Do you remember when Coke upgraded a few years back from 500ml bottles to 600mls? No one knew why they did it, or if it was necessary, but be damned if we could go back to the old days.


  5. BargeDave says:

    Wow. Hadn’t tried this one before, very glad you’ve reviewed it and I’ve given it a go. My first White Rabbit Dark Ale definitely won’t be my last. Probably the most interesting and flavoursome hop flavours (SubEd: too many ‘flavour’ refs in one sentence – get a Thesaurus pronto) in any dark ale I’ve ever tried.


  6. luke says:

    I like your style in this review.
    it reminds me of when Sebastian got drunk in Brideshead Revisited:
    “Like a new-born gazelle struggling to rise to it’s feet…”


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