Cave Creek Chili Beer

Company info:
Cerverceria Mexicana
Tecate, MEXICO
[NB: While these are the details listed on the bottle, further research indicates this beer is produced by the Black Mountain Brewing Company, Arizona. I’m not sure what to put so I am leaving it as listed on the bottle]


Bottle size sampled: 330 mL

Alcohol: TBC%
Standard drinks: TBC

Cap type: Twist

Cost: I picked this up for $TBC AU

Label info: ‘Premium Lager Beer with a Chili Pepper added’

What the label really means: Ok, I’m scared. Check out the chili pepper picture below – these guys mean business (even if they can’t get their brewery name sorted)

The Hell-Cat review starts here

Label: The label is mostly gold with a big green chili bent into the shape of the letter ‘C’. There is really nothing great about this label and in fact I am only drawn to it because I recognise it as a beer I have sampled previously. Not a fan of cursive script on beer labels, and this combined with gold is a sure recipe for disaster in my books.

I give it a label rating of 3.5 out of 10.

AROMA: A spicy chili aroma that all but hints of the heat contained in this beer.

Taste: GLASS – The chili is so over-powering that it is difficult to discern any other flavours. It’s not so hot that I can’t drink it but it’s definitely not a pleasant tasting. The chili immediately warms and brightens my face. It’s an interesting beer from a novelty perspective – otherwise avoid.

I give it a beer from glass rating of 5.5 out of 10.
Taste: BOTTLE – The chili hit becomes even more powerful when drinking this from the bottle. It’s not easy to drink (especially when the chili keeps floating down and half coming out of the bottle), it’s not pleasurable, but again it’s a good novelty. It’s a beer that needs to be tried at least once.

I give it a taste from bottle rating of 5 out of 10.

A word from the Wife: ‘Nice…a lingering chili essence that I quite like’

She gave it a taste rating of 7.5 out of 10.

Accompanying food: Some soothing salsa and guacamole with corn chips may just settle the fires in my face.

Best season to appreciate: It’s a light lager so it should be perfect for a Summer afternoon. Alternatively, if you need an instant body warmer, keep a bottle of this under your pillow during Winter.

All-nighter beer? No thanks. I’m struggling on one.

NEXT WEEK: Fursty Ferret

  1. Fire-Lion says:

    Willow, the fact that the taste of this beer is disgusting to me has something to do with my taste buds. I don’t think it has anything to do with narrow mindness. BTW I also like pineapple and gammon.


  2. Willow says:

    Well, I like it!! Not just because I like chillis, or beer, but I think it’s a good combination. Ths honey-soy comparison is a lazy comparison. Chilli goes well in chocolate, pineapple goes with gammon, cherries with duck etc-why be so narrow-minded?! I don’t think it’s trying to win accolades for a fantastic beer; just an interesting twist.


  3. Gordon says:

    I am with Fire Lion. Chilli beer is a diaster. I like Chilli, I like beer. I also like honey soy marinades but I don’t go around making Honey Soy beer!!! I have tried chiili beer for the novelty and it is just that. Couldn’t even be bothered to finish it I think.


  4. Hell Raiser says:

    Song of Choice : Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash??

    Or perhaps a new heading, Beer After effects . . .


  5. Fire-Lion says:

    Although my name may seem that I like hot things (and I do) I cannot be fooled into liking this liquid catastrophe called chilli beer. Having tasted this crazy concept I think that these ingredients go together like ketchup and cornflakes. Chilli beer has to be the worse beverage I have ever drank; even worse than drinking my brothers piss when I was a kid.

    Sorry man, the only time chilli’s should come close to beer is when your washing down a good curry with a non-chilli beer.


  6. BargeDave says:

    I love hot chili flavours and have a high tolerance, so I’ll keep an eye out for this effort. No Fursty Ferrett this week Mase? It’s a top drop.


    • Mason Hell-Cat says:

      Yeah I know…my bad! I was out of town, stumbled upon this brew and reviewed then and there (hence the different back drop too!).

      Don’t get me wrong though BD, I love chili and many spicy foods. But in a beer? I don’t think it works. See what you think.


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