110. Stefano’s Pilsner

Posted: July 21, 2011 in Australian lager
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Stefano’s Pilsner

Company info:
Mildura Brewery
Mildura, V.I.C.

[No website listed]

Bottle size sampled: 330 mL

Standard drinks: 1.3

Cap type: Non-twist

Cost: I picked this up for $3.60AU

Label info: ‘Stefano’s Pilsner – A beautifully clean, fresh lager that expresses uncomplicated yet elegant malt and hop character.
Memories of Northern Italy are the inspiration behind this classic beer.
“As a boy, growing up in Veneto, I would often help my father toiling in the fields over Summer. After a hard day’s work cutting hay he would reward us boys with a glass of beer. The thirst quenching flavours of this beer have remained with me ever since and, to me, will always be a defining taste of Europe…” Stefano’.

What the label really means: For all you parents, teachers, politicians, neighbourhood stick-in-the-muds reading this here blog, take a lesson from Stefano – under age drinking is a good thing. It teaches respect for elders, respect for a hard day’s slog, and respect for good, cold beer. Take your alco pop tax and raise it as high as you like. For it it is beer that is the future for our youth. Drink up, kids.

The Hell-Cat review starts here

Label: I’ve had a problem with Mildura Brewery’s labels in a past review for looking a bit like they were designed by a kid with a rudimentary understanding of clip art images. Unfortunately for Mildura Brewery there isn’t a great deal of difference between each of their beer labels. However, the addition of the griffin type creature on this label elevates this label to above-average. It’s a cool looking silhouetted creature that hunches over menacingly. But why not focus on that creature and make that huge? Instead the bizarrely simple banner below it takes away some of the focus. For this review, all points are awarded to the creature.

I give it a label rating of 7 out of 10.

AROMA:  A deliciously crisp citrus infused aroma.

Taste: GLASS – Damn fine and damn smooth. From the aroma, I expected yet another overly carbonated generic tasting lager. Instead I get a distinctly pilsner brew that has a bitter citrus, back of the mouth hop-filled smack. This is very enjoyable.

I give it a beer from glass rating of 7.5 out of 10.

Taste: BOTTLE – Drinking from the bottle means Stefano’s Pilsner loses a fair whack of its complexity and becomes a bit all-mouth bitter. Reminiscent of someone turning the lights on at a house party, it’s all become a bit uninteresting and shameful.

I give it a taste from bottle rating of 6.5 out of 10.

Song of choice: Try this alongside The Vaccines’s ‘If you wanna

Accompanying food: A fatty, big, bratwurst on a fresh roll with onion and cheese. This deserves something whole-heartedly fatty and delicious.

Best season to appreciate: Due to its citrus elements I feel this brew is more of a warmer weather beer. 

All-nighter beer? For sure!

NEXT WEEK: 28 Pale Ale 

  1. Radio Snivins says:

    Spotted this at my local Cellarbrations last night:

    I didn’t buy any, of course. I give telly beers the swerve. I learnt that lesson the hard way from the debacle that was Charles In Charge Cerveza. Besides, I tried the shortlived ’90’s version back in the ’90’s, and it was rickety, unlike Düff, a new room temperature Bavaria style beer the cashier fellow put aside for me. It’s popular stuff. They only had one six-pack left, and he had to dig around under the counter for about half an eternity to find it. It’s not a big counter either. I think he’s a bit dim, just quietly. Nine out of ten.


    • BargeDave says:

      The shortlived 90’s version was, as I understand it, actually South Australia’s own West End Draught. Nasty stuff. Then the breach of copyright court case happened and apparently unopened slabs of the stuff are worth a fortune at auction (for their pop culture value, not the beer quality I can assure non-SA-readers).


      • Radio Snivins says:

        Ah, the ’90’s. Now, there was a drinking decade a foozenaut could hang his whiffling strides on without losing his shirt. Radio Snivins was a fancier of cheap beer in those days. The cheaper the better. For 7 walletworms he could buy a six-pack of Penneys Bitter and a bottle of ipecac. He thought those days had gone forever, until tonight, when he lobbed at his local Murphettorium to procure an allotment of 28 Pale Ale and saw Carlton Dry Fusion Black six-packs for $4.95. They’ve never met before, but nostalgia got the better of Radio and he snaffled a set up. Will Radio Snivins like the stuff? Stay tuned for the next exciting episode.


      • Mason Hell-Cat says:

        Snivins, I think I’ve just worked out your true identity…. Brian Nankervis?


      • Radio Snivins says:

        No. I’m not Brian Nankervis. I’m Radio Snivins. Oh, perhaps not legally, but cosmically I’m RS from piggies to onion.


  2. Radio Snivins says:

    It pains me to say this, but Hellakazoo’s review was spot off for mine, which makes me suspect I scored a bad six-pack. I found the stuff sniffless and uninteresting, like a Sakata rice cracker. I even passed a few around for second and third opinions, and I’m notoriously possessive when it comes to sharing my potations, but my view was unanimously reiterated, and even expanded upon. ‘I dunno what’s worse, Radio, this or Reschs Real Bitter.’

    Stefano’s Pilsner is one of the Stefano de Pieri signature series of plonks – he also lends his name to wines. Stefano is a lumpy Italian cookie, restaurateur, and bon vivant in Mildura. He’s a big cheese in the region. An enormous cheese. He also knows his cheese, and he’d no sooner flip a subpar blob of bocconcini into his gob than he would a rice chip masquerading as a pilsner. And, now that I think about, I found a fruit fly looking thing in the bottom of one. I have no option but to raise the yellow flag and declare this post abandoned on quarantine grounds.


    • BargeDave says:

      Maybe it’s the fruit flies that give it the citrus flavours.


      • Radio Snivins says:

        I didn’t get any citrus notes, Bargé. Mine was all rests. I got nothin’. It’s the same with Bavaria Beer. They used to be a cacophony of taste, but now they’re a silent symphony. It’s either bad Q.A. or my tastebuds are going deaf.


  3. BargeDave says:

    Once again, the review is spot on for mine. The comparison between decent Australian pilsners (Squires, this one, also Kiwi efforts like Hop Rocker) and generic Australian beer-which-is-called-pilsner-because-it’s-not-ale-and-we-can’t-in-all-conscience-call-it-lager (ie most of the major commercial brews) is very appropriate. This is a very pleasant drop which is flavoursome too.


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