120. Tooheys Old

Posted: October 6, 2011 in Australian ales
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Tooheys Old

Company info:
Tooheys Pty Ltd
Lidcombe, N.S.W

[No website listed on bottle]

Bottle size sampled: 375 mL

Alcohol: 4.4%
Standard drinks: 1.3

Cap type: Twist

Cost: $2.50

Label info: N/A

What the label really means: N/A

The Hell-Cat review starts here

Label: Tooheys have made the deer head the predominant feature of all of their labels and I feel this is a good move. The deer, with its head and eyes facing ahead looks staunch and ready for action. It’s bold, it’s noble. But is it a bit overused? It’s on the main label, it’s on the neck, it’s on the cap. I don’t know, but what I do know is that I like the use of red that also emphasises power and nobility. It’s a very strong, forthright looking label. Sure it’s a label that is part of the mass-produced Tooheys family but I look through that and see what is quite frankly a very manly label.

I give it a label rating of 6.5 out of 10.

AROMA: Very soft, chocolate malty wafts.

Taste: GLASS – Quite smooth in consistency, Tooheys Old has a slight smokey flavour amidst a malty, burnt under-current. It’s not as full bodied as other dark ales and this works in Old’s favour as it makes it very easy to drink and not as bitter as you may expect. This does however mean it also lacks a good deal of depth. I am really enjoying this tasting.

I give it a beer from glass rating of out of 10.

Taste: BOTTLE – Not as strong in flavour or character drinking this from the bottle as opposed to the glass. It loses even more of the complexity and becomes quite dull, even watery. It doesn’t help that the aroma is distinctly lacking.

I give it a taste from bottle rating of 6 out of 10.

Song of choice: Try this alongside Billy Bragg’s track ‘Ideology

Accompanying food: This is really a roast lamb kind of beer.

Best season to appreciate: Definitely more of a Winter warmer – it helped that it was a cool evening for this tasting.

All-nighter beer? Probably not for me. It’s a bit too heavy in colour and tad boring. In its defence, Tooheys Old is probably a dark beer that would not whack me like a bus the next day due its under-whelming flavour palette.

NEXT WEEK: Duke Premium Lager

  1. Rock Studley says:

    Great review Mason. Like Bladamasta, I occasionally partake in some Tooheys Old from the tap. It’s by far the best stag from the Toohey’s stable (stags live in stables, right?). Barge Boy, I’m with you on the White Rabbit dark. If those rabbits lived in my stable I’d roll around in the hay with them (you’ve heard the reputation that rabbits have, right?). Ben0, I like the sound of this Kent Old malarkey. Right then, saddle me up. I’m off to hunt Bambi. Chocs away.


  2. Bladdamasta says:

    Mother’s milk. My first ever beer and still a favourite off the tap.


    • Ben0 says:

      You always remember your first don’t you?

      Mine was an Oldie’ out the back of the grandstand at Penrith greyhounds. Plastic cup of half froth half old in one hand and a 50cent each way bet in the other. Good times.


      • Radio Snivins says:

        It’s my belief that if you can remember your first time then you didn’t do it properly. I can’t remember my first time. I can’t even remember the year. I was a natural.


  3. Radio Snivins says:


    • BargeDave says:

      Magnificent effort Sniv.

      I don’t mind a Tooheys Old, although for mine Coopers Dark and White Rabbit Dark are superior. Tooheys Old takes me back to the days before either of those beers existed. I always think of it being served in jugs, so I’m guessing I must have ordered a few of these back in the ’90s.


      • Ben0 says:

        Have you tried Kent Old BargeDave?

        For me Kent has a slightly more sweeter taste than the good old dirt tinged flavour of Tooheys Old.


      • BargeDave says:

        Never tried it but I know it’s the drier flavours of the Coopers and White Rabbit compared with the sweeter Tooheys that generally makes me prefer the others. It seems that modern hoppy beers, with bittersweet rather than purely bitter hop flavours, have turned my taste buds off beers which have sweet malt flavours. Which is bizarre because I have been known to add a dash of lime to my Coopers Dark. Can’t explain that.


    • Mason Hell-Cat says:

      Excellent work Snivelly.

      BenO – I’ll have to seek out Kent Old sounds alright!


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