William’s Pale Ale

Company info:
William Bull Brewing Co
Bilbul, N.S.W


Alcohol: 4.5%
Standard drinks: 1.2

Cap type: Twist

Cost: I picked this up for $3.49 AU

Label info: ‘William’s Pale Ale is a true Australian brew. Clean, fresh citrus flavours make William’s Pale Ale smooth on the tongue, long on the quench and refreshingly easy to drink’.

What the label really means: Sounds good to me. Bring it on Bill, bring it on.

The Hell-Cat review starts here

Label: On beer labels, sketches of blokes with moustaches are always going to win votes from me. There’s William standing tall, surveying his field of hops and part time dental clinic. His face has a stern assuredness that suggests confidence and strength, supported by a very impressive mo. The label looks as though it hasn’t changed since William first whipped his team of bottle-filling slave immigrants into shape, and there is no need for it to. Excellent work.

I give it a label rating of 8 out of 10.

AROMA:  This is one delicious smelling beer. Soft, mellow fruity flavours are wafting up and I likes whats I smells.

Taste: GLASS – One sip of William’s Pale Ale and you’ll notice it’s very smooth with a refreshing effervescence. You’ll also notice that there are soft, subtle fruit flavours that swirl around amidst a rather dry-finish brew. It’s very easy to drink and I am certainly enjoying this tasting however I feel there’s something missing. It feels a bit too one dimensional and I can’t place what’s absent. Still, this is one worth trying, particularly if you like your beer to be organic. This is definitely one of the better organic brews on the market.

I give it a beer from glass rating of 7 out of 10.

Taste: BOTTLE – Drink from the bottle and you’ll notice this beer gets even better. Now you’ll notice earthy swirls that rise up and carry this beer Southward like an out of control breaks have failed runaway train. The citrus notes are still there but it feels like this brew has stepped into its own shell. Very easy to drink and a great tasting beer.

I give it a taste from bottle rating of 7.5 out of 10.

Accompanying food: Pork! This would make a fine pork accompaniment.

Best season to appreciate: A real Summer brew fo’ sho’, yo.

All-nighter beer? Yes, this would go down a treat all night long.

NB: This is my second reviewed beer from the William Bull Brewing Company. My first was their other fine drop, Red Angus Pilsener.

NEXT WEEK: Old Engine Oil

  1. Diddlysquat says:

    Finally got my filthy mits on one thanks to a keen eyed friend.

    Very tasty, very citrusy nose. Definitely an all nighter. I was impressed. Wish it were more widely available, I think I could come to love this one!


  2. click here says:

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    • Diddlysquat says:

      I too like unspecific things in this niche. Beneficial information overload!

      Can’t seem to get a hold of this beer but being an IPA and your positive comments I’m super keen to try it. I’ll keep my peepers primed!


  3. BargeDave says:

    I’ve enjoyed this previously, but not recently. Nice hoppy fruity characters, generally a nicely brewed effort. What has happened to the song of choice? I’d suggest a good nineties guitar pop effort – say some Teenage Fanclub or a bit of Blur?


    • Mason Hell-Cat says:

      I think song of choice just emerges whenever I am struck by inspiration…agree TF or Blur would work well…


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