152. Coronado Orange Avenue Wit

Posted: August 1, 2012 in ale, International beer
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Coronado Orange Avenue Wit

Brewery info:
Coronado Brewing Company

California, U.S.A


Alcohol: 5.2%
Standard drinks: 1.5

Cap type: Non-twist

Cost: I picked this up for $3.99 AU

Label info: ‘From the Ocean to the Bay, Coronado’s main street was once lined with orange trees. Hence the name Orange Avenue. It’s a refreshing, flavorful and citrusy blend of wheat, coriander, orange blossom honey and California orange zest. Try it with a slice of orange for the ultimate Orange Avenue experience’. 

What the label really means: Hmm…a beer that is suggesting you need to add something to it to make it perfect makes me have my defences up already. If it’s a good beer, it should be immediately evident. I am very intrigued by the various flavours this beer purports to include.

The Hell-Cat review starts here

Label: Let’s begin with the name ‘Coronado’ emblazoned across the bottle in gold 3-D lettering. The name makes me think of adventure and intrigue like the hiding place of lost treasure sought after by Indiana Jones. Brilliant. Look closely at the name and you’ll see a staunch red lighthouse located in the C while a schooner sails off within the O.
Then cast your eyes to the great mistress of the sea, a mermaid with long flowing red hair. She holds a massive pint glass in her hand, the froth flowing off into the distance. As technically the only person/mythical being worthy of such long hair, this is excellent stuff. My only issue with this label is that I think there is a bit too much orange…..I understand that’s the point but it’s just so damned orangey… 

I give it a label rating of 7 out of 10.

AROMA:  On first sniff it’s clear this is a wheat beer. It’s scenty and enticing…

Taste: GLASS – First sip and you’ll also be immediately informed this is a wheat beer, but its subtlety means it lacks an overt smack to the face of wheatiness. There are some notable spice traces and I think these serve to soften the blow of the wheat. It’s very smooth and very easy to drink with refreshing sweetness. But as for orange, I don’t quite taste it. Still, it’s a great beer worthy of a sample.

I give it a beer from glass rating of 7.5 out of 10.

Taste: BOTTLE – Just as good from the bottle with strong earthy wheaty flavours bursting through. It’s a good honest beer that is very easy to drink.

I give it a taste from bottle rating of 7.5 out of 10.

Accompanying food: Mexican. The spices, the textures, the flavours – all would suit this beer to a tee. 

Best season to appreciate: More of a Summer thirst quencher.

All-nighter beer? I could very easily drink this all night.

NEXT WEEK: Big Eye India Pale Ale

  1. Diddlysquat says:

    I agree with the Radio, its more of a dark ale than a wheat beer. I couldn’t detect orange nor zest. But enjoyable in its own right.

    Looking forward to next week’s review, I’m a huge fan of Big Eye IPA. If it receives a poor rating here I’m turning against my useless taste buds and will declare Crown Lager my new preferred beer.


    • Radio Snivins says:

      I also agree with me. I re-test-guzzled a sixer of Coronadoes last night, and was too foozeridden this morning to queue up at Aldi for the plastic onion saver. I’m not the whiffler I once was. But, I digress. Coronado still slurped like a chocolately, roasty, dark ale…a chocolatey, roasty. albino, dark ale. It boggles the Snivins pecan that ‘Kazoo thought otherwise, which makes me suspect he pulled his review out of his ear. My suspicions were first aroused when I noticed he’d lifted the type in Taste: BOTTLE straight from his Red Trolley Ale review, even including the name Red Trolley Ale in it.


      • Mason Hell-Cat says:

        Yeesh – thanks for the pick-up Snivelly. I sometimes copy the template across from previous posts, and this week I used Red Trolley Ale. Unfortunately it also meant I hadn’t adjusted the ‘taste from bottle’ section.

        Interesting though that you guys tasted this brew as more of a dark ale…I didn’t get that at all. Perhaps I’ll need to revisit…


      • Radio Snivins says:

        Yes, it is interesting. The first time I guzzled some I thought it’d been mislabelled. I know what Belgian style wheaters guzzle like. I love Belgian style wheaters – Wing Walker, Hahn White etc. This stuff was no Belgian style wheater. It was a chocolately, roasty, thing. It was closer to a Terry’s Chocolate Orange than a Belgian style wheater. Diddly and I both shop at Upper Ferntree Gully Murphett’s, so we’ve been foozling from the same batch, and being the lone dark ale voices makes me suspect that there has, in fact, been some sort of brewing agoof, albeit a pleasant agoof, because Coronado really is a superdooper albino dark ale.


  2. BargeDave says:

    I ordinarily go past Wit because I’m just plain prejudiced, but I will keep an eye out for this. Good review, but I don’t mind a beer which makes a serving suggestion (in this case a slice of orange). I wouldn’t change a thing about Coopers Dark Ale, but it’s sometimes nice to add a dash of Bickfords lime cordial to the top of the bottle. I don’t see it as a weakness, more as a way of increasing your options.

    I think my view on this has changed over the years – I recall criticising fruit-in-beer in some of my early posts to this blog.


    • Radio Snivins says:

      Yer, you were a prejudiced pyakaroon back then, Bargé. I used to have to lay a teatowel over my fruit bowl before reading your posts for fear of offending the cumquats. That said, Coronado is less wit and more wtf.


  3. radiosnivins says:

    It’s seldom that I’m in complete disagreement with one of your reviews, ‘Kazoo, and this week is no different. I, too, loved Coronado, but not as a wheater. No, I loved it as a chocolatey, roasty, dark ale. Except, it’s not dark. For peace of onion, I decided to test guzzle it on some blindfolded nerks – separately, of course – and they said it tasted like Tooheys Old, or Carlton Black – which, for the uninitiated, and beginning foozler, are chocolately, roasty, dark ales.

    So, in conclusion, I dunno what’s going on. My world is upside down. All I know is there’s something odd about this stuff. It’s the Beermuda Triangle of whiffle.


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