Moo Brew Hefeweizen - BOTTLEMoo Brew Hefeweizen

Company info:
Moo Brew

‘Brewed at Moorilla’
Berriedale, T.A.S


Bottle size sampled: 330ml

Alcohol: 5.1%
Standard drinks: 1.3

Cap type: Non-twist

Cost: I picked this up for $TBC AU

Label info: ‘This beer is inspired by the classic Bavarian wheat beer. Hefeweizen is naturally cloudy with a vibrant yellow colour and strong foam head. The flavour and aroma of this beer is based on yeast derived banana and clove with a hint of vanilla.
Moo Brew contains no additives or preservatives and is not pasteurised.
Store cold, drink fresh and enjoy’

What the label really means: I’m going to re-post exactly what I said when I reviewed Moo Brew Dark Ale (and then Moo Brew Pale Ale) as it’s just as apt here: ‘This is a well devised beer description that reads as though it is a brew that strives towards excellence. I like the cheeky addition of the ‘not pasteurised’ line, ensuring we know that the brewers don’t take themselves too seriously’.

The Hell-Cat review starts here

Label: This is yet another of Moo Brew’s brews served in a very cool bottle. Here’s what I’ve said a couple of times before on the subject of the bottle: ‘Amazing. Not only is this one of the coolest shaped beer bottles I have ever seen, the label just reeks of absolute class and sophistication with a genuinely fun spirit….Moo Brew have created a label and bottle design that not only looks cool, and holds beautifully, but is one that you’d be proud to hold’.
On the Hefeweizen Moo Brew once again bring us an artwork from artist John Kelly. This one is called ‘Setting Sun’ (2005). It depicts a dark, thick rimmed circle portrayed against a backdrop of dark storm clouds and a dark landscape. A kangaroo on the far left stands on the horizon, gazing up the beauty of the setting sun. It’s alert, watchful, simple. Another artwork put to good use on this label.Moo Brew Hefeweizen - GLASS

I give it a label rating of 8.5 out of 10.

AROMA:  Solid wheaty aromas. Very enticing.

Taste: GLASS – This is one very carbonated brew. It pours into my glass like a beer milkshake. Put that aside, get to the beer, and the strong wheaty flavours combine with delicious honey, citrus and nut flavours that make this beer very tasty on many levels. Allow the aromas to be inhaled as you drink for a full, earthy experience.

I give it a beer from glass rating of 7 out of 10.

Taste: BOTTLE – Unfortunately the over-carbonation now reaches a point of annoyance and suddenly this beer becomes a bit too intense. It’s hard to now find those flavours so prevalent in the glass. Persistence is key here.

I give it a taste from bottle rating of 5.5 out of 10.

Accompanying food: This is a beef brew through and through….mooooooooo. 

Best season to appreciate: A warmer weather, Summer brew.

All-nighter beer? Whilst I found it difficult to pour a good glass of this brew, it’s definitely worthy of being an all-nighter. 

Note: I was absent last week due to impaired taste buds. My apologies to my regular readers.

NEXT WEEK: Bohemian Ale

  1. radiosnivins says:

    Another spot on, you beaut, ‘Kazoo grade review, ‘Kazoo. I’m in complete onion simpatico with you, apart from your pooh-poohance of Mooey’s over carbonation. Stop me if I’ve told this story before, but my passion is getting whiffled whilst burning old car tires in the backyard. Alas, sometimes things take a turn for the agoof, which is why I always have a sixer of ‘fire extinguishers’ within booting distance. So, in conclusion, Mooey Hef has saved me from many an appearance on Today Tonight. I won’t hear a bad word said about the stuff. Nine out of ten…hic


  2. Lois says:

    It’s my ambition to drink several, and then maybe some more! I guess you don’t export to the UK?


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