211. Death Between the Tanks

Posted: May 22, 2014 in Australian ales
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Death Between the Tanks - BOTTLEDeath Between the Tanks – Double IPA

Company info:
The Little Brewing Company
Port Macquarie, NSW


Bottle size sampled: 330ml

Alcohol: 7.8%
Standard drinks: 2

Cap type: Non-twist

Cost: I picked this up for $7.00 AU

Label info: ‘Our head brewer works ridiculous hours. Crazy hours. He never takes holidays or sickies.
His wife reckons that if he doesn’t change his ways, one day she’ll find him dead between the tanks.
Don’t worry though, if the worst happens, this double IPA is strong and hoppy enough to bring him back, proving the point that a little beer is good.
Hops: Citra, Cascade, Galaxy, Chinook, Simcoe, Motueka’.

What the label really means: If the head brewer does die from over work, this beer sounds to be his lasting tribute with all ounce of his strength poured into it. I am very keen to try this.

The Hell-Cat review starts here

Label: In a dramatic departure from the regular Little Brewing labels, this label is innovative and brilliant. A gravestone engraved with ‘D.I.P.A’ sits amid a puddle of green sludge. Off to the side a green zombi-fied hand reaches from the earth holding a pint of beer aloft to the heavens. ‘Death Between the Tanks’ is emblazoned across the label in the same zombie-green while ‘Double IPA’ sits beneath in a bold white text. I love everything about this label. It combines my love of zombies with my love of beer, and all done in a strong fun cartoon style. Love it.Death Between Tanks - GLASS

I give it a label rating of 9 out of 10.

AROMA:  A fresh hoppy aroma that appears to be bursting at the seams. Hints of Summer fruits gently waft out.

Taste: GLASS – Hearty, meaty, warming and delicious. It slides back with the sweetest of ease leaving the mouth with a blissfully bitter aftertaste. This is an IPA with awesomeness and beauty turned up to 11. Without question, this is the most superior IPA I have ever tasted and one for us all to be proud of.

I give it a beer from glass rating of 8.5 out of 10.

Taste: BOTTLE – From the bottle it’s still an exceptional brew but the depth of flavour is now lost. All the elements are there…just reduced a tad.

I give it a taste from bottle rating of 7.5 out of 10.

Accompanying food: A crusty beef pie with mash seems very fitting.

Best season to appreciate: Enjoy this on a cold winter’s night and enjoy those dark deathly tones.

All-nighter beer? The strong alcohol content is barely noticeable and this brew is deceptively easy to drink. I could easily drink this all night.

NEXT WEEK: Rudeboy


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