SteamRail Pale Ale - BOTTLESteamrail Pale Ale – Ghost of Eyre

Company info:
Steamrail Brewing Company
‘Produced for Australian Beer Connoisseurs
Hawthorn East, VIC’

[No website listed]

Bottle size sampled: 330ml

Alcohol: 4.5%
Standard drinks: 1.2

Cap type: Non-twist

Cost: I picked this up for $TBC AU

Label info: ‘Legend has it that twin ‘beerded’ brothers, Thomas and Charles, set out to find the great inland sea of Australia, Lake Eyre. Ensuring they stowed plenty of Pale Ale for their journey into the scorching centre, they soon had no choice but stay put and let the water find them. Who needs water when you have got great beer’

What the label really means: While I think the humour of this description is light and jovial, it does come off a little confused. I’m not sure who Thomas and Charles are, and how a steam rail comes into the equation.

The Hell-Cat review starts here

Label: I actually quite like this label. The green works surprisingly well, linking to the hoppy goodness within. There’s a jovial little drawing of a couple of bearded blokes on a sailing boat, with cracked dirt underneath. I like the fact that the beer isn’t taking itself very seriously and it has a good sense of fun about it. I’m still a bit confused about the two supposed adventurers depicted, and the steam rail significance.

I give it a label rating of 7.5 out of 10.

AROMA:  Really delicious galaxy hops aromas. It hints at Summery goodness within.SteamRail Pale Ale - GLASS

Taste: GLASS – This is not as great as I’d hoped. It lacks any semblance of a refined finish, has a rather dirty mouth-feel, and over all presents itself as unresolved. When battling it out with the other big gun pale ales around the country, Steamrail will struggle to keep its head up for long. Sure there’s a slight bitterness reaching out through the pervasive blandness of this brew that some may enjoy…me, not so much.

I give it a beer from glass rating of 6 out of 10.

Taste: BOTTLE – From the bottle it becomes even drier, a bit more flavourless and watery. Unfortunately it just doesn’t stack up.

I give it a taste from bottle rating of 5.5 out of 10.

Accompanying food: To be enjoyed alongside crackling pork

Best season to appreciate: A Summer brew

All-nighter beer? It’s definitely an inoffensive session brew that is potentially very easy to drink all night.

Note: At the conclusion of my tasting tonight, I did a bit of research into SteamRail Brewing Company and found this interesting article. So, while it’s now old news (I’m only just tasting this beer now!) – it appears this is contract brewed for LiquorLand / Coles and that there is no SteamRail Brewing Company. I feel a little cheated by this revelation.

NEXT WEEK: Thomas Hardy’s Ale

  1. Jacks says:

    Great Blog, keep it up good work

    Craft beer club


  2. Matt says:

    Great blog, thanks for all the beer reviews… we are currently getting a beer line up for our work christmas party (a beer tasting afternoon) and I’m relying on lots of your reviews!


    • Mason Hell-Cat says:

      That’s awesome to hear, thanks Matt.
      Hope you have a great afternoon, and if your colleagues are interested in sharing their own reviews on this site, or via my Facebook page, I’d be most keen to read them.


  3. Fran says:

    Im surprised you gave it a 6 after saying “dirty mouth-feel”. Must have had some sort of redeeming quality. Too kind?


    • Geehard McGeehard says:

      I think it’s like studying for the Certificate of Self-Esteem at T.A.F.E. – every student passes.


      • Mason Hell-Cat says:

        haha – yes it’s exactly like that, Geehard.
        I suppose Fran, given that the brew didn’t offend (ie, it was drinkable…just) I couldn’t rate it below 5. If it was so bad I had to tip it out, sure. Points for trying perhaps?


  4. Geehard McGeehard says:

    Call me a grizzled ol’ suds slurper, but gluggability is King, and unscrupulous faux craft beer marketing can go boil its onion. It boggles the walnut that they didn’t upchonk the gluggability a few notches and make a truly competitive pale ale. Still, in the words of Alfred Lord Tennison – mine is not to reason to why, mine is to get shitfaced and burn car tires in the backyard.


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