Who is Mason Hell-Cat?


Profile_finalMason Hell-Cat is a mysterious beast whose online musings have landed him in trouble with long haired lasses, and Jeanie Little fans. Offline he once held a job working in a fruit shop that lasted all of three days because instead of working he was trying to learn the lyrics to the hit song ‘I saw the sign’ by Ace of Base.

Mason began his love affair with beer at a fairly late stage compared with his peers – at 19 years of age. He never associated himself with under age drinking, and his first beer was on his eighteenth birthday. The beer (a Heineken) did not appeal to his under-developed tastes even after he tried adding lemonade and making what he later understood to be his first shandy.

Once Mason did fall in love with the amber liquid goddess he never looked back. Although he has his favourite beers, he is never one to turn down a new style, has no reservations on country of origin, refuses to be conned by pretentiousness for the sake of pretention, or judge his intake based on the amount of carbs per bottle. What he looks for is quite simply a good tasting beer. He doesn’t care if a beer has won three gold medals in Italy, or has been proverbially kicked in the pants by critics – he prepares to sit back and taste the gold himself.

Just recently Mason has begun brewing his own beer and this has continued to enthuse, excite and fuel his wide tastes.

There is nothing more enjoyable for Mason than sitting back and enjoying a cold beer watching the world move by. He loves sharing this passion with anyone that listens and that’s what prompted this site. Oh yeah, and I also have a tendency to write long winded intros in third person.